A human-centric technologist, strategic brand and product marketer, Saf is one of the earliest practitioners of agile, mobile, CX, and experience driven marketing. He designed and implemented one of the first social influencer programs (with General Motors). His creative modus operandi enables orgs, big and small, to create commercial impact from doubling down on the people side of innovation, and build strong brands, teams, and products that make the difference between a smart idea on paper and a thriving business.


Right before he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, Saf founded his first start-up at age 24 with clients including Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge Universities. He launched over 25 new products and services on 4 continents, pioneered GM’s first automotive loyalty program, directly contributed to USA TODAY’s brand and product re-imagination, joined a startup to re-invent SF’s metro commuting experience, and helped Smule Inc. enter the complex Indian and German markets in spectacular fashion. Saf has recently partnered with a former colleague to pursue his offline motorcycling passion and launch Native Moto Adventures in San Francisco.


His passion gives way to many public speaking engagements at top tech and entrepreneurial gatherings like the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (hosted by the POTUS), MoDev, AppNation, as well as being interviewed by major news networks like the International Business Times or BFM.


In addition to marketing, Saf is able to apply the right side of his brain to other areas as a published photographer and semi-pro DJ & producer.